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Compassionate Accountability Podcast

Oct 1, 2022

Dr. Nathan Regier is joined by Marlene Chism to talk about conflict and drama, and how they are related to communication, compassion, and accountability. High-level leaders seek Marlene’s expertise as a thought partner, advisor, or coach when going through periods of transition or change. Organizations seek Marlene’s leadership development courses to teach mid-level and senior leaders strategic communication skills to initiate conversations that get results and increase accountability.

Marlene is the author of four books, including Stop Workplace Drama; No-Drama Leadership; 7 Ways to Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice, and From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading.

What's in this Episode:

  • The genesis of Marlene’s new book, From Conflict To Courage: How to stop avoiding and start leading.
  • What is conflict, and how does it start?
  • What is drama, and how does it interfere with healthy conflict?
  • Building conflict capacity by attending to the Inner Game, the Outer Game, and Cultural Factors
  • What’s the difference between authenticity and being true to your best self?
  • What is emotional integrity, and how is it different from emotional awareness or emotional intelligence?

Key Takeaways:

[1:48] Marlene talks about why she chose to dedicate her career to equipping leaders with conflict and accountability communication skills.

[3:07] What is the genesis of Marlene’s book From Conflict to Courage?

[4:45] How did Marlene structure her book to accomplish her goal?

[6:15] How does Marlene define conflict?

[7:55] Marlene explains how conflict is caused.

[10:39] Marlene defines drama.

[14:16] What is involved in building conflict capacity?

[17:40] Marlene talks about the value of personal responsibility.

[18:42] How do people misunderstand their responsibility?

[20:34] Marlene unpacks emotional intelligence and explains why it is so important during conflict.

[21:39] Marlene talks about integrity.

[26:45] Marlene speaks of the danger of justification.

[29:15] Marlene shares a tool to work with the resistance to change, nothing happens without willingness.

[33:20] Marlene shares her perspective on compassion.

[35:21] Marlene shares her passion for the topic of leadership identity.

[37:27] Marlene’s advice: Work on yourself and seek clarity.

[38:57] Nate shares the highlights of an amazing conversation with Marlene Chism


Mentioned in this episode:

The Compassion Mindset

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“Every major problem can be traced back to a conversation that should have happened, but didn’t.” #oncompassion 


“There is no conflict unless there is inner conflict.” #oncompassion


“Conflict is not the problem, mismanagement is the problem.” #oncompassion


“The more responsibility you have, the more choices you should have.” #oncompassion


“Change your interpretation and you  will change your experience.” #oncompassion


“Nothing happens without willingness.” #oncompassion