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Compassionate Accountability Podcast

Sep 1, 2023

Dr. Nathan Regier, your host, welcomes Ed O’Malley, the founding president and CEO of the illustrious Kansas Leadership Center, an organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier, and more prosperous communities, and Julia Fabris McBride, Chief Civic Leadership Development Officer of the KLC.

Ed and Julia embody a Compassion Mindset with their deep caring for people, curiosity, and commitment to excellence. In this episode, they join Dr. Nate to discuss their newest book,  When Everyone Leads: How the Toughest Challenges Get Seen and Solved, and the principles of this groundbreaking work.

Key Takeaways:

[5:52] Julia and Ed share how they built KLC.

[7:37] How does When Everyone Leads fit into Ed and Julia’s careers?

[10:35] Ed explains how they structured this book.

[13:07] Julia discusses the journey and experiences that led them to write When Everyone Leads.

[15:57] What are the two biggest problems that leaders should and can be ready to solve with this book?

[17:50] Ed and Julia describe the difference between adaptive and technical challenges.

[21:20] Julia highlights the importance of partnering with Dr. Nate since a compassionate mindset is needed in every leadership role to tackle adaptive challenges.

[23:04] Julia and Ed discuss their view on conflict and how we should use it.

[25:50] What is their favorite chapter of When Everyone Leads?

[29:22] Leaders should get vulnerable, ask for help, and be clear about what matters most to their people.

[29:54] What gives Ed and Julia the most hope?

[34:01] What has given Julia and Ed joy and enthusiasm lately?

[36:53] Dr. Nate shares his top three takeaways from a lively conversation with Ed and Julia.


Mentioned in this episode:

The Compassion Mindset


Learn more about Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride.



“Leadership is an activity.” #oncompassion


“One of the biggest challenges in leadership is not to treat adaptive challenges as if they are technical.” #oncompassion


“Conflict is an opportunity, and it is energy.” #oncompassion


“Conflict is inherent in progress, which is beautiful!.” #oncompassion

“Part of exercising leadership is letting go and how to take care of yourself to be able to care for the ones you care most about.” #oncompassion