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Compassionate Accountability Podcast

Jul 1, 2022

Dr. Nathan Regier welcomes Seth Godin who has been a great inspiration for millions of people to think and connect with each other differently. He is a leadership expert, marketing guru, prolific best selling author, teacher, visionary, and blogger.

Seth has a consistent focus on authenticity, relationships, curiosity, and connection at the center of our lives, and in today’s episode, Dr. Nate is having a conversation with him about how all of these connect to compassion.  


Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Seth describes himself and how he shows up in this world.

[2:53] How and why does Seth post every single day?

[4:18] Seth shares what excites him today.

[5:43] Seth talks about the Carbon Almanac.

[7:50] Nate and Seth begin their conversation about compassion.

[9:34] Seth shares his thoughts about authenticity.

[14:16] Nate shares the meaning of compassion.

[14:40] Seth talks about compassion, starting from the professional side and moving to the community aspect of it.

[17:56] How can we move out of resistance while preserving dignity and enhancing it? 

[21:19] Seth explains why teaching is not a financial transaction.

[23:48] Seth dives deep into the meaning of the word: Enroll.

[25:45] If you want to lean into compassion, ask this question: What is this person afraid of?

[27:15] Seth talks to leaders about how they can ask the right questions to reach a more compassionate approach, but first, he differentiates managers from leaders.

[30:15] Seth speaks about the scarcity in our world.

[31:10] Seth shares his view on conflict.


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“Compassion and generosity do not mean you give everything away for free.” #oncompassion 


“Compassion and generosity can coexist with long-term value creation.” #oncompassion


“People actually care about consistency, not authenticity.” #oncompassion


“Dignity is not something you can get all by yourself, people also have to give it to you.” #oncompassion